Easy DIY Zipper Box

Easy DIY Zipper Box
Easy DIY Zipper Box With Video Tutorial

As I am a big fan of travels, I am always looking for a pouch to store things in my luggage…

I made this pouch a few months ago. I use it as my wash bag to go to the gym and love it so much, I wanted to share this pattern with you. It is really easy to make for yourself or as a gift.  You could even make one at last minute before your trip!

The box shape is ideal to store plenty of things inside: make-up, cosmetics, toiletries…

I made it out of laminated fabric and with a waterproof zipper so that I can take it with me at the gym’s shower where it could be splashed.

The laminated fabric is also great to keep the beautiful box shape. Using softer fabrics you will probably need to add a lining to keep the shape.

Supplies needed DIY Zipper Box

  • Front fabric 28cm x 17 cm [11" x 6.7"](x2)
  • Lining (same as front) - Interfacing.
  • 8cm[3”] square fabric (x2) .
  • Bias tape or piece of lining fabric - 25 cm[10”] zipper
  • 表生地 28 x 17 cm (x2) *柄に方向がない生地や無地を使う場合は、 切り替えず一枚布で出来ます [その場合は 28 x 33 cm]
  • 内布 (表生地と同じくらい)  
  • 接着芯 - 8cm角の表生地 (x2)
  • バイアステープ または裏地の生地 
  • 25 cm ファスナー

Video Easy DIY Zipper Box 

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