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Pompeii was destroyed by the creator

Pompeii city cursed by the creator

citizens of pompeii die and become stone
Pompeii is an ancient Roman city that has become debris near the city of Naples and is now in the region of Campania, Italy. Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD Mount Vesuvius eruption piles the city of Pompeii with all its contents as deep as a few feet causing the city to disappear for 1,600 years before being rediscovered by accident. Since then the city's excavation has given.

Pompeii is an ancient Roman city that has become debris near the city of Naples and is now in the region of Campania, Italy. Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD Mount Vesuvius eruption piles the city of Pompeii with all its contents as deep as a few feet causing the city to disappear for 1,600 years before being rediscovered by accident. Since then the city's excavations provide an extraordinarily detailed view of the life of a city at the height of the glory of the Roman Empire. Today the city of Pompeii is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Pompeii is located at the coordinates of 40 ° 45 '2 "LU, 14 ° 29' 23" East, southeast of the city of Naples, close to the modern city of Pompei today. The city stands in a location formed from the flow of lava to the north on the downstream of the Sarno River (formerly called "Sarnus"). Currently this land is some distance away in the mainland, but the former is an area close to the beach.

In the first century AD, Pompeii was just one of several cities located around the foot of Mount Vesuvius. This region is quite large number of people who prosper because the agricultural area is fertile. Some small town groups around Pompeii like Herculaneum also suffered damage or destruction by the tragedy of the Vesuvius eruption.

The residents of Pompeii, like those living in the area now, have long been accustomed to small tremors, but on 5 February 62 great earthquakes caused considerable damage around the bay and in particular against Pompeii. Part of the damage was still unfixed when the volcano erupted. However, this may be a tectonic earthquake rather than an earthquake caused by the increased magma contained within the volcano.

Another quake, which was lighter, occurred in 64, recorded by Suetonius in his biography of Nero, in De Vita Caesarum, and by Tacitus in Book XV of Annales because this happened when Nero was in Naples and performed in a show for first time on a public stage. Suetonius noted that the emperor did not care about the earthquake and continued to sing until the song was finished, while Tacitus noted that the theater collapsed after the people inside were evacuated.

The writer of Pliny the Young wrote that the vibrations of the earth "are not so scary as they often do in Campania".

In early August 79, springs and wells dried up. Light earthquake tremors began on August 20, 79, and became more frequent in the next four days, but the warnings were not realized, and on the afternoon of August 24, a deadly volcanic eruption took place. The blast damaged the area, burying Pompeii and other settlement areas. Incidentally that date coincides with Vulcanalia, the celebration of the Roman god of fire.

Pompeii Gone For 16 Centuries

The thick layer of dust covered two towns located close to the foot of Mount Vesuvius, so the two cities were lost and forgotten. Then the city of Herculaneum was rediscovered in 1738, and Pompeii in 1748. Both cities were dug back from the thick layer of dust by freeing all the buildings and still intact wall paintings. In fact, the city was rediscovered in 1599 by an architect named Fontana who dug a new road for the Sarno river, but it took more than 150 years before a serious effort was made to free the city from the landfill.

King Charles VII of two Sicilians was very interested in these findings even until he was appointed king of Spain. Giuseppe Fiorelli took excavation responsibility in 1860. Until then Pompeii and Herculaneum were thought to have been lost forever. Later, Giuseppe Fiorelli was the one who suggested the use of plaster injection techniques against the empty space in the destroyed body of Vesuvius's victim to reshape their surface perfectly.

There is a theory without evidence stating that Fontana found some erotic frescos during his excavations, but because of the very strong norms of courtesy at that time he buried the frescoes back. This is reinforced by reports of excavations by other teams afterwards stating that the excavated area shows the atmosphere has been dug up and buried again.

The fact states that Pompeii is the only ancient city site where the entire topographic structure can be known with certainty without the need for modification or addition. This city is not divided according to Roman city patterns in general due to the surface of the ground is not flat (the city is at the foot of the mountain). But the streets of this city are made straight and patterned on the pure tradition of ancient Rome, the road surface consists of polygon stones and has building-
building houses and shops on both sides of the road, following decumanus and cardus. Decumanus is a road that runs from east to west, while the cardus stretches from north to south.

Mount Vesuvius lava wiped the whole city off the map of the earth in an instant. The most interesting of these events is that no one is able to escape the ferocity of Vesuvius's eruption. It is almost certain that the inhabitants of the city are unaware of such a catastrophic disaster, their faces beaming. The body of a family that is preoccupied with preserved food at that moment. Lots of couples whose bodies are preserved in the position of intercourse.

Most surprising is that there are a number of couples who have the same sex, in other words they have same sex (homosexual). There are also male and female couples who are still ABG. The results of fossil excavations also found a number of corpses that are preserved with a still intact faces. In general, their facial expressions were shocked, as if a sudden disaster had come suddenly in an instant without realizing the death had come to fetch them.

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